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The jazz community if filled with enthusiasts willing to trade rarity for rarity. This is a source of historic jazz not to be dismissed. However, when it comes to indy music we encourage you to go ahead and use word-of-mouth to find the music but then make a direct purchase from the indy label producing it. Any time you find a label willing to record, produce and market next generation jazz you need to support that label directly. Think of it like tomato plants in a garden. If they receive water they can thrive, if they don't they will shrivel up and die. If you don't like tomatoes you may not care. If you like the taste of fresh home grown tomatoes then don't be grudge the water.

If you know of a reputable trader with notable jazz offerings use our submission form to let us know. This will give the trader a bit of exposure and give the jazz community a broader spectrum of available resources.
VJM'S Jazz & Blues Mart
 By their own admission "The World's Greatest Jazz and Blues Trading Magazine now in its 52nd Year!"

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